Why is Lecithin used in Chocolate?

Hames Chocolates talk about why lecithin is used in chocolate products. What is the most popular lecithin in chocolate? and what are the alternatives to soya lecithin? Find out about botanical lecithins here.

How to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa Seal on Your Chocolate Packaging

Read our short article explaining what the Rainforest Alliance Seal stands for, should you use it on your private label chocolate packaging? Do you need a license to use the Rainforest Alliance Seal on your chocolate packaging? Also includes links to guidance on the trademark seal: The Rainforest Alliance 2020 Labelling & Trademarks Policy and The Rainforest Alliance Seal Graphics Guidelines

What you need to know about Private Label Chocolate Development!

Are you looking to develop a private label chocolate product? Understand the chocolate development process steps by reading this article by the Lincolnshire chocolate experts, Hames Chocolates. BRC accredited and Rainforest Alliance certified, Hames are your private label partner in the chocolate and confectionery industry.

The difference between Vegetarian Chocolate , Vegan Chocolate and Plant Based Chocolate 

The difference between Vegetarian Chocolate , Vegan Chocolate and Plant Based Chocolate  Could you tell the difference between all the different seemingly Vegan friendly chocolate options there are? The chocolate experts at Hames break it down for you.

Statement on Milk Allergens in Chocolate

See Hames Chocolates statement on milk allergens in chocolate

Hames Chocolates talks about different grades of chocolate and do high cocoa solids mean better quality chocolate?

Hames Chocolates talks about different grades of chocolates that are available. What makes quality chocolate,? What do cocoa solids mean? Learn about measuring chocolate quality and the different grades of chocolate that Hames offer. Whether you just enjoy eating chocolate or you are a business professional looking for us to make private label chocolates for you this article tells you what you need to know direct from the chocolate experts.

Hames Chocolates guide to making the best Easter Eggs!

Do you want to know how to create the best Easter Eggs ? Read on to learn about Easter eggs sizes, types of chocolate, Easter egg moulds, decoration of Easter eggs, Easter packaging and more from Hames the chocolate experts.

Learn about Hames Chocolates loyalty points reward scheme!

In September 2020 Hames Chocolates new website was launched. A loyalty scheme was also introduced to reward and thank all customers who place their orders online.