Private Label Partner

Here’s why you should source private label chocolate

British people eat more chocolate than any other country in Europe. The value of brand identity has never been more valuable. The impulse nature of chocolate and the seasonal opportunities afforded make for a strong year-round offering to boost your sales. All good reasons for you to buy private label chocolate products but who should you chose as a professional partner?

Choose Hames Chocolates as your chocolate expert and private label partner if you are looking to have chocolates made in your own brand and/or are looking for a co-manufacturer or a contract manufacturer.

Hames Chocolates are a grade AA BRC accredited company that has a proven track record of manufacturing chocolate products for a large number of well-known brands as well as smaller less known brands. We're members of Sedex, and we also offer the option of Rainforest Alliance or Cocoa Horizons assured cocoa.

As one of our Directors recently pointed out “We are probably the biggest chocolate factory that you’ve possibly never heard of. Most people will have tried our chocolates but not realised that we’ve made them.”

Hames Chocolates private label and white label chocolates have been sold in most of the main British supermarkets and high street shops, sold in most of the main heritage and tourist attractions. Our chocolate has been used to decorate hundreds of thousands of cakes, made thousands of hot chocolate drinks and been gifted to hundreds of thousands of people on special days and at Valentines, Easter and at Christmas. 

Our chocolate production is made from a mixture of skilled chocolate artisans who can make and decorate chocolate by hand to semi automated production lines. Some products are made on our chocolate moulding lines. Typically we will produce chocolate bars in various sizes and chocolate neapolitans on one of these production lines. Any solid chocolate item can be made this way and can also be flavoured, filled and contain inclusions.

We use our chocolate depositing lines to make truffles and filled chocolates but we can also use them to make bespoke advent calendars, cake decorations and private label easter eggs. Hames Chocolates have a number of spinners that we use to make hollow chocolate products such as Easter Eggs, Christmas baubles, chocolate figures and hollow cake decorations.

Tempered chocolate is deposited in the chocolate moulds which are then attached to the spinning machines. The chocolate moulds are spun until the molten chocolate settles around the contours of the mould to form the hollow eggs. We can also make Easter eggs halves or thick, chunky Easter Eggs these are the sort of Easter Egg that can contain chocolate treats in the middle.

Our other production lines include enrobing products under a curtain of chocolate. This can be filled chocolate or chunks of golden honeycomb. Also, Chocolate Graphics where we can personalise chocolates with company logos and messages.


Extensive Range of High Quality Chocolate Products: 

  • Chocolate Bars - Moulded / With or Without Inclusions/ With or Without Decoration
  • Chocolate Neapolitans - Moulded / With or Without Inclusions/With or Without Fill
  • Chocolates and Truffles
  • Chocolate Shapes Moulded
  • Chocolate Cake Decorations / Shavings / Moulded Shapes / Cake Domes / Hollows
  • Fudge, Toffee, Honeycomb, Sweets and Candies

What we can do


We supply chocolates and confectionery to both the small retailer and large corporate businesses such as: Other chocolate manufacturers, wholesalers and distributers, department stores, supermarkets, promotional and marketing companies, theme parks, tourist attractions, foodservice, event companies, hamper companies, hotels and restaurants.