what is the difference between smooth fudge and crumbly fudge?

Image showing smooth fudge cubes
Smooth fudge and and crumbly fudge differ in their texture and consistency.   

Smooth fudge has a creamy and velvety texture. It is made by cooking ingredients such as sugars, butter or other fats, milk or creams such as clotted cream or condensed milk and then allowing it to cool and set. This type of fudge has a smooth, melt in your mouth consistency. When you take a bite it tends to be smooth and homogenous, without any noticeable graininess. Smooth fudge often has a rich and decadent flavour. 

Crumbly fudge, as the name suggests has a more granular and crumbly texture. It is made with similar ingredients to smooth fudge but cooked to a higher temerature or for a shorter time than smooth fudge. Crumbly fudge tends to have a firmer bite and may break apart easily into small crumbs or chunks when you bite into it. The flavour is as sweet as smooth fudge but the texture is delicious different.

Both smooth fudge and crumbly fudge are popular treats and the choice between them comes down to personal preference. Some people enjoy the melt-in-your mouth creaminess of smooth fudge, whilst others prefer the crumbly, textured experience of crumbly fudge.

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Private label fudge options:

Smooth fudges are available: in bulk, bags, pouches and boxes. Also available: individually twist wrapped fudge pieces and flow wrapped fudge bars.

Crumbly fudges are available as: bars, bags with header cards or labels, pouches, boxes and loose (bulk). 

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