What's so good about Hames chocolate coated honeycomb?


Chocolate coated honeycomb, also know as honeycomb toffee or cinder toffee, is a delicious treat. There are several reasons why Hames chocolate coated honeycomb is so good:

  1. Crunchy texture: Honeycomb has a unique texture that combines a crisp, brittle layer and a light and airy texture. When it’s coated in chocolate, you get a delightful contrast of textures, with the smoothness of delicious Hames chocolate complementing the crunchy honeycomb.
  1. Sweet and rich flavour: Honeycomb has a sweet, caramelised flavour that comes from a combination of sugar, glucose and the magic ingredient: bicarbonate of soda. When coated in chocolate, the sweetness of the honeycomb blends harmoniously with the rich, sweet taste of the chocolate.
  1. The flavour combination: Chocolate and honeycomb are a classic combination that works extremely well together. The cocoa solids in the chocolate balance well with the sweetness of the honeycomb, creating a perfect combination of flavours.
  1. The choice of flavours: Hames enrobe honeycomb in many chocolate flavours including: traditional milk, dark and white chocolate as well as other tempting flavoured chocolate options: salted caramel, milk mint chocolate and orange flavour milk chocolate.
  1. Indulgent treat: Hames chocolate coated honeycomb is often considered a special treat or indulgence. It’s the type of snack that you savour making it even more appealing.

Hames chocolate coated honeycomb is available in a range of retail formats including bags, pouches, bars. Its also available bulk packed.

Watch our video to see how we coat the honeycomb in  chocolate.

Ask us about private label honeycomb options.