What’s it like to work in a chocolate factory?


What’s it like to work in a chocolate factory?

A real chocolate factory may be nothing like the one depicted in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” but they can still be amazing places to work. It’s many people’s dream to wake up every day and look forward to experiencing the sights and smells of everyone’s favourite sweet treats -  and there’s often the option to work with a wide range of products, from mixed boxes of chocolates, to advent calendars, truffles, and Easter Eggs. 

Much of the work involved is manual, it can be highly varied, from operating machinery to sorting, checking and packing products. And while it may be necessary to work some unsociable shifts, especially during peak seasons, so long as the company ethos is positive, it can be a fun, friendly, and enjoyable environment to work in. 

A chocolate factory is far more than an assembly line

The real heart and soul of our chocolate factory is its people -production operators, technicians, and chocolate experts. Here’s a look at some of the most common roles in a chocolate factory: 

Chocolatiers: A chocolatier is responsible for designing and exploring chocolate combinations and devising new recipes, especially for seasonal occasions like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. They understand how to temper, mould and work with chocolate to create chocolate masterpieces. 

Production team: These members of staff are kept very busy making delicious chocolate items. Main responsibilities include operating the chocolate machines, manually loading the chocolate, and running the machines. All chocolates must be made to the exact recipe. Team members may also be involved in preparing paperwork and stock taking as well as ensuring the ingredients are stored correctly. 

Packing team: Chocolates don’t just pack themselves! Our chocolate packers make sure all the chocolates end up in the correct slots in the correct boxes. This requires both speed and accuracy. Some team members are also machine operators, handling flow wrappers, foil wrappers and machines that wrap chocolate bars and neapolitans.

Technical managers: These employees are responsible for overseeing the technical quality and hygiene functions at the factory. They need to be able to effectively communicate the importance of maintaining consistent food safety and quality standards across the company. 

Quality control: Every chocolate must be the right size and weight, with the appropriate finish otherwise it will be deemed unsuitable. 

Warehouse team: The warehouse team contribute to each and every chocolate. Warehousing pick every raw material including packaging to enable us to make and pack our chocolates, and then at the end of the process they pick and pallet each of the finished  chocolate products ready to ship to customers.

Office Team: Behind the scenes is a small army. Sales , administrators, accounts, graphic designers and printers are contribute to run a successful chocolate factory.

Key aspects of working in a chocolate factory

●    Hygiene is number one: Staff will generally have to wear overalls, safety shoes and hair nets. Employees will be responsible for keeping their work areas clean and tidy and hands will need to be clean at all times. 

●    Successful chocolate factory workers need to have drive and restraint. A chocoholic working in an environment that makes your favourite food items will need to show restraint as unfortunately you’re not allowed to eat in the production and packing areas. 

●    It may be necessary to work early or late shifts to keep up with demand and employees will need to have the ability to switch roles at short notice. 

●    Attention to detail and a commitment to getting things done is another important aspect of working in a chocolate factory. 

Hames Chocolates are chocolate experts and manufacturer of Hames branded and private label chocolates (and hot chocolate). We see our valued employees as extended members of our family and strive to ensure everyone enjoys the very best working environment possible. 

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