Benefits of buying wholesale chocolate

Benefits of buying wholesale chocolate

With chocolate products as popular as ever (worldwide we’re currently buying 16 million tonnes of chocolate a year!) be sure to always have plenty on hand for customers. By buying wholesale chocolate products, direct from the chocolate factory you’ll able to get freshly made chocolates at a really good price.

Buying chocolate in bulk is a smart move for small businesses and larger retailers alike. Let's look at why.

1 Buying wholesale chocolate is easy

Buying wholesale chocolate is easy, you can order online, by email or chat to Annie and Jo in our sales team.

2 You don’t need to run out of stock

The last thing you want is to run out of chocolates, especially during the holiday seasons. Because Hames are manufacturers they make and supply Christmas chocolates up to and including the week before Christmas. Easter chocolates are made until the Thursday before Good Friday which means you’ve got time to order some, then restock by ordering more.

Buying wholesale chocolate from Hames means you’ll always have sufficient supplies so customers won’t be disappointed.

3 You can keep costs down

Many companies buy wholesale chocolates in bulk to keep costs down, since manufacturers offer customers discounts on larger orders. With inflation rising, it’s also a good idea to keep stocked up on chocolate items.

Better prices for you means higher potential margins for your business, and by buying wholesale chocolate you also have the option to sell your items to customers at a more reasonable price - which helps them save too.

4 Purchasing wholesale chocolate can mean other savings

If you’re looking for a wholesale chocolate provider Hames could be your ideal partner. Hames, the chocolate experts have been supplying businesses large and small with wholesale chocolate for many years.

Buying wholesale chocolate appears to be a win-win for businesses. It’s a great way to ensure you’re keeping your customers happy whilst also supporting British business.

There are some less obvious but even more valuable savings. By buying wholesale chocolate that uses sustainable ingredients such as Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa and recyclable, re-usable or compostable packaging you are also supporting a more sustainable world.

Hames can help you choose the best chocolate products for your business - and offer you wholesale chocolate pricing too.

How to find a wholesale chocolate supplier

When you’re selecting a chocolate supplier for your wholesale chocolate ask yourself the following questions:
  • What is the quality of the chocolate?
  • What is the manufacturer’s reputation? How long have they been in business? Do they have BRC accreditation?
  • Are you supporting British manufacturing?
  • Are their products sustainable? Research indicates that when it comes to chocolate items, consumers are increasingly interested in where the chocolate was sourced and how environmentally friendly the packaging is. Make sure to look for suppliers that use sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging.

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