What are hot chocolate bombs?

In the 18th century hot chocolate was so popular there were more hot chocolate houses than coffee shops. Now it appears lots of us have been revisiting this popular milky drink, with John Lewis for example, more than doubling its hot chocolate sales in 2021, y-on-y. And if there’s one particular hot chocolate trend that’s really taken off, it’s hot chocolate bombs.

Hot chocolate bombs: Trending on social 

There are lots of ways to make hot chocolate, using chocolate shavings, powdered cocoa, or chocolate stirrers for example. But hot chocolate bombs have become a top trend with consumers. These indulgent, truffle-like treats (also known as hot chocolate bombes, or cocoa bombs) have been appearing all over the internet, in particular on Instagram, and TikTok. 

But what’s all the fuss about these chocolate delicacies - and even what are hot chocolate bombs? 

Why are hot chocolate bombs so popular?

According to NY chocolatier Lori Waiser chocolate bombs are a way of

“adding instant joy to someone’s life”

Hot chocolate bombs are hollow orbs of chocolate that dissolve blissfully in hot milk, releasing the cocoa, and creating a delicious cup of hot chocolate. 

They appeal not only to children, but to adults, as a fun way to create a rich, indulgent hot drink. Hot chocolate bombs are more than just a way to make hot chocolate, they make a creative, edible gift for friends and family.

Hot chocolate bombs are also available in a variety of flavours. This has not only boosted the hot chocolate drinking experience, but is believed to be another factor that’s helped to drive sales forward. Today you can find bombs shot through with strawberry, caramel and hazelnut - as well as truly grown up hot chocolate bombs flavoured with whiskey, Irish Cream and rum. 

Hames Hot Chocolate with Cream, Mallows and Chocolate Sticks

Also popular, are bombs that come with an explosion of mini-marshmallows, and of course there’s a growing demand forvegan recipes of hot chocolate bombs.                                               

How to serve hot chocolate bombs

Hot chocolate bombs are delicious simply melted in hot milk, but to elevate the experience further, you can use frothed milk, and add whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate shavings and marshmallows. 

According to a recent report, hot chocolate is a market that’s predicted to continue to grow even further with hot chocolate bombs no doubt playing their part in this growth. 

In response to this growing demand Hames now makes 12 delicious varieties of hot chocolate bombs. Our chocolate bombes are made from sustainable cocoa, and are manufactured in the UK. They’re also palm oil-free and come in fully recyclable packaging. 

Hames chocolate bombs provide chocolate-lovers with a fast track to the ultimate hot chocolate experience, and since they come in their own individual boxes, they make fun, delicious “any occasion” retail gifts - for friends, employees and family. Hot chocolate bombs also make a welcome addition to any restaurant or cafe menu.

Stock Hames hot chocolate products in your coffee shop, restaurant or retail outlet.

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