Branded chocolates: The perfect corporate gift?

Corporate gifts are a great way to strengthen ties with employees, customers, and suppliers, whilst simultaneously promoting your business. Branded chocolates, in particular, make exceptional corporate gifts. Not only are they perfect for every occasion, but acceptable by a wide variety of cultures - something that’s especially important in our diverse modern-day society.

Branded chocolates - a touch of welcome luxury

Forget the usual corporate “go-to’s” like mugs, mouse mats and accessories. Nothing shouts luxury, or spreads happiness, like an indulgent box of chocolates. Corporate gifts in the form of chocolates act like ambassadors for your company. And by choosing sustainable chocolate products your gift can also act as a reflection of your values and ethos. 

Branded chocolates in a box                              

From business branded chocolate bars and hot chocolate bombs, to branded chocolate stirrers, advent calendars and festive truffles, there’s a huge selection of potential chocolate products to choose from. 

An assortment of chocolates in a branded box, however, is a gift that’s especially effective at getting the word out about your company. And you don’t have to overspend, either, when it comes to branded chocolates. Even a box containing just two chocolates can be an unexpected and welcome surprise for the recipient, as long as the packaging is attractive. 

Why do branded chocolates make such great corporate gifts?

●    Chocolates are a traditional choice of gift, and they provide you with a host of exciting possibilities when it comes to displaying your branding and messaging. 
●    An attractive box of chocolates is highly presentable and can make the perfect addition to a gift hamper. 
●    Chocolates are crowd pleasers: Everyone likes chocolate (well almost everyone) and while you can’t cater for individual tastes, you can be pretty sure of your gift being well received. 
●    Chocolates are perfect for sharing: A big box of chocolates is perfect for teams to enjoy, and if recipients share your gift on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter so much the better! 
●    There are so many different kinds of chocolates available, so you can choose a corporate gift that suits your corporate gift budget. You can also customise your chocolates with options including hand tied bows, see-through packaging, and a variety of box designs.                                                                

Tips on choosing the best branded chocolates

●    Think of the occasion. Are you celebrating a special year for your business e.g. 25 years in business - or are you giving a festive gift? 

●    Determine your budget. Always go for top quality products but stick to a range that is reasonably priced that fits the bill. 

●    Include a thank you card, to acknowledge your relationship and increase goodwill and customer loyalty. 

●    Plan in advance. The last thing you want are any delays or the chocolates you want selling out. 

With more of us working from home, a corporate gift can help make employees feel like valued members of the team and improve morale. In a corporate gift study 80% of employees said that employee gifts improved their relationships with their organisation. And when it comes to expressing your appreciation to your employees, clients, or anyone else you do business with, nothing is better than saying it with chocolates. 

If you’re looking for a great corporate gift for Christmas, Easter or any other occasion, Hames can help. Our high quality, branded chocolates come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with over 12 different box colours and different coloured foils to choose from. We always use sustainable ingredients and packaging, too, so you can rest assured your corporate gift will also represent your company positively.  

Business Branded Boxes of Chocolates - Available in a range of box colours  Corporate Chocolate with Ribbon Bow Foil printed chocolate boxes with personalisation Personalised Festive Truffles Branded Christmas Chocolate Selection