Three ways to make the best hot chocolate

Chocolate is wonderful in all its forms, but nothing beats a comforting cup of hot chocolate.   Hames-The-Best-Hot-Chocolate-Shown-With-Mallows-and-Cream
During the pandemic it seems we couldn’t get enough of this milky “king of drinks” with sales of hot chocolate growing by 13%.  

And while powdered hot chocolate has its place, more and more of us are favouring a richer, more indulgent hot chocolate experience, using, for example, chocolate shavings, chocolate spoons and hot chocolate bombes. 

In this post we’ll show you how to use these high quality ingredients to make the best hot chocolate ever, in the comfort of your own home. 

1 Hot chocolate made with shaved chocolate flakes 

If you’re looking for a way to make unbelievably smooth, barista-grade hot chocolate at home, then Hames chocolate  shavings are a great choice. Chocolate shavings are finely sliced flakes of chocolate, and they’re available in a variety of flavours, from dark chocolate, to orange, hazelnut, mint and more. The fact they’re made of real solid chocolate gives your hot chocolate more depth, flavour-wise, than traditional powdered hot chocolate, which can taste a bit too sweet or gritty. 

Hot Chocolate Options Hot Chocolate with a Shot of Butterscotch Flavour Hames Hot Chocolate Pouches - Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate - Milk Chocolate Orange Flavour Dark and Minty Hot Chocolate

For the ultimate hot chocolate: 

●    Heat your milk in a saucepan or microwave until it’s steaming hot. Use milk that suits your dietary preferences, whether that be almond, soya, coconut, oat or anything else. You can use full fat or semi-skimmed milk too – but full fat milk makes an exceptionally rich and creamy drink.
●    Stir up to 6 teaspoons of hot chocolate shavings into the hot milk. Use more or less shavings, however, depending on how rich you like your hot chocolate. 
●    Finally add hot frothy milk and sprinkle over some extra hot chocolate shavings. 
●    Top with marshmallows for an indulgent finishing touch or add some freshly whipped cream. 
●    Enjoy!

2 Easy hot chocolate on a spoon

Hot chocolate spoons are a super easy way to make hot chocolate and kids love them too, as they’re fun and easy to use, and they can lick the spoon afterwards! To make a perfect hot chocolate using a chocolate spoon simply: 

●    Pour hot milk (or a milk alternative) into a cup. 
●    Add your hot chocolate on a spoon into the milk. Make sure you don’t use too much milk otherwise the cup will overflow. 
●    Then stir to a creamy chocolate perfection. Make sure your drink’s not too hot before drinking. 
●    For an extra indulgent touch, use a milk frother to add frothy milk, and top with mini marshmallows and chocolate shavings. 

Hot Chocolate with Mallows Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Spoon Mocha Hot Chocolate Pink Hot Chocolate Spoons Hot Chocolate with Whiskey Flavour

3 Hot chocolate bombs

These are the latest craze when it comes to hot chocolate. 

●    Unwrap the bomb and place it in your favourite mug. 
●    Pour over hot frothy milk. 
●    Allow to melt (this could take a bit of time, but anticipation is half the fun!). 
●    Stir well, then add frothy milk to finish.  
●    Voila! The perfect indulgent hot chocolate to savour at leisure.
Hot Chocolate Flavours Rich and Indulgent Dark Hot Chocolate Bomb Hot Chocolate Bomb Wholesale Supplies Vegan Friendly Hot Chocolate Bomb Caramel Hot Chocolate Bomb

This saying rings true for many of us: 

“There’s nothing like hot chocolate and a hug for making the nightmares go away” 
Neil Gaiman

So, whether you’re planning a cosy get-together, or looking forward to a quiet night in, a cup of comforting hot chocolate fits the bill perfectly. How you like your drinking chocolate is entirely up to you, but you definitely need to invest in the best ingredients if you’re to take your hot milky drink to the next level.    

At Hames we believe that life’s too short not to enjoy the very best hot chocolate. Our high quality hot chocolate pouches, spoons and bombs are not only perfect to enjoy at home but make excellent gifts for the chocoholics in your life.