Best Selling Souvenir Chocolate Bars Created for Tourism and Leisure Industry

Best Selling Souvenir Chocolate Bars Created for Tourism and Leisure Industry

The last year has been one of the most challenging in living history for the tourism and leisure industry. Lockdowns and social distancing have taken a toll on most businesses. We are now very close to restrictions being relaxed and it’s incredibly important for the industry to consider and explore every opportunity to maximise your income and revenue streams.

Hames Chocolates specialise in creating private label chocolates and confectionery for the souvenir and tourism industry and frequently these products are included on the best seller lists.

Why are chocolate bars are best sellers in the heritage and tourism industry and what are the advantages of stocking them?

Personalisation of the chocolate wrappers:
How many times have we all visited a heritage attraction, a theme park, a museum, a visitor centre and bought a souvenir or a gift to take back to a loved one? That must have souvenir has got to be themed to the visitor attraction. Hames offer a range of chocolate bar flavours and sizes. All we need is your logo and a high resolution image and we’ll create fabulous chocolate bars with full colour imagery on personalised wrappers tailored for your business. Souvenir Chocolate Bars Personalised with Photo and Logo
For larger orders we can also get custom moulds for a completely bespoke chocolate bar.

Impulse sales opportunity and affordable for all:
Everybody loves chocolate and souvenir chocolate bars are relatively inexpensive which means they are both the ideal impulse sales opportunity and a well-received gift. Locate the chocolate bars in high footfall areas to maximise your sales.

Low minimum order:
Ideal for small and large visitor attractions the minimum order is only 120 bars and there’s no maximum order!

Supporting each other within the British economy:
Hames are a British chocolate manufacturer, by buying British chocolate we’re all supporting each other and the British economy.

Champion sustainable cocoa farming
All our souvenir chocolate bars are made with cocoa that supports Rainforest Alliance.

Ambient Storage:
Souvenir chocolate bars should be stored at ambient room temperature which means that they are easy to display and you don’t need to store them in the fridge. (You do need to store them away from direct sunlight though). Chocolate bars like it best when they are stored at 12 -20 degrees.

Long shelf life:
Our chocolate bars are usually delivered to you with a 9 – 12 month shelf life which means that you have plenty of time to sell them through!

Fast lead times:
We can supply personalised souvenir chocolate bars within 7 days of receipt of your order and artwork.

Free Delivery:
If your business is located on the Mainland UK your personalised souvenir bars are delivered free of charge.

In summary
Souvenir chocolate bars are personalised for your visitor attraction, museum, shop, church gift shop or hotel and they are ideal for the tourism and leisure industry. Simply supply a high resolution photo, your logo / message and we'll do the rest!