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Hames Chocolate Expands its Bronze Range with Chocolate and Truffle Boxes

Lincolnshire chocolatiers, Hames Chocolates, has announced it is launching a new range – Hames Bronze Chocolate and Truffle Boxes – following the successful launch of its Bronze Chocolate Bars earlier this year.  Read more about this incredibly delicious range of British chocolates.

Why you should try Hames salted caramel chocolate crowns, part of their Bronze Chocolate range!

If you haven’t tried Hames Salted Caramel Chocolates yet, you haven’t lived.! There are so many reasons why you should order some Hames Chocolates right now and try some for yourself. Firstly, you can thank us later as we know how good these things taste and we want to share that goodness with everyone. Secondly, we started making these salted caramel crowns only recently and they make a perfect chocolate gift for birthdays, Christmas, to make your family happy or sharing them with people you love.

What makes a great milk chocolate bar?

The chocolate experts at Hames Chocolates discuss how to create really great bars of milk chocolate fit for a nation of chocolate lovers and ultimately how they came up with Hames Bronze range of chocolate bars available in eight fabulous flavours.

What are chocolate box cushion pads?

Our customers ask us what are chocolate box cushion pads? What are they made of? What are they used for? Can we use them for other products like bakery, biscuits, wax melts? What are cushion pads made of? Can you cut cushion pads to our bespoke sizes? Here are the answers to these questions and more.

The Growth of a Great British Chocolate Bar

Last year Hames, looking to make some of the best chocolate bars in the UK launched their Great British Chocolate bar range. Read about some of their best chocolate bars and how they tell their brand story in an authentic way. Inspired by a nation of chocolate lovers there are five chocolate bars in the range: sweet and creamy white chocolate bar, smooth milk chocolate bar, a high cocoa milk chocolate bar, rich, dark chocolate bar, and a 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar.

Best Selling Souvenir Chocolate Bars Created for Tourism and Leisure Industry

Click here to read more about souvenir chocolate bars and how we can personalise them for your business in the tourism and leisure sector. Ideal for selling in your gift shop(s).

Ten things you may not know about Hames Chocolates!

Once described as the biggest chocolate factory that you've never heard of. Find out more about British chocolate experts Hames Chocolates. Ten things that you may not know about them including their founders, what they do, who their customers are how they support sustainability.

When should you eat Easter Eggs?

Is there a particular day you should give and receive your chocolate Easter eggs and when should you eat them? Read on to find out.

Send a Hames Easter Colleague Box and show your appreciation

Show your employees and colleagues your appreciation by sending a Hames Easter themed colleague box direct to their home. Whether you have one employee or one thousand there is a colleague box gift for everyone. #employeegifting #employeeappreciation #employeerewards #corporategifting #sendagift #Easter #chocolategifting #hameschocolates

There’s so much choice in Easter Eggs so we want to tell you the reasons why you should buy Hames Chocolates Salted Caramel Easter Eggs.

Read on to find out why you should buy Hames Chocolates exquisite Salted Caramel Easter Eggs made by British chocolate makers Hames Chocolates.

Hames Chocolates talks about different grades of chocolate and do high cocoa solids mean better quality chocolate?

Hames Chocolates talks about different grades of chocolates that are available. What makes quality chocolate,? What do cocoa solids mean? Learn about measuring chocolate quality and the different grades of chocolate that Hames offer. Whether you just enjoy eating chocolate or you are a business professional looking for us to make private label chocolates for you this article tells you what you need to know direct from the chocolate experts.

Seven things we love about this luxury gin and tonic Easter egg!

Its nearly Easter, love chocolate, like a G & T, read on to learn 7 things we love about the Gin and Tonic Easter Egg!