What makes a great milk chocolate bar?

The Lincolnshire based chocolate experts at Hames wanted to create a really great bar of milk chocolate fit for a nation of chocolate lovers so they asked themselves the question, what makes a really great milk chocolate bar?

They sat down and made a list.                                                                       A really good milk chocolate bar - part of Hames Chocolates Bronze range

Best British Bar of Chocolate:
The way we treat people
The environment

The taste of a great milk chocolate bar:
What should a really great milk chocolate bar taste like? The British palate likes a creamy milk chocolate with generous cocoa solids and notes of sweet caramel, chocolate that melts in the mouth.

The ingredients and provenence of the milk chocolate:
It was a no brainer. We’re a British chocolate maker and we want to support British dairy / milk.  We needed the milk used in these premium milk chocolate bars to be from cows that graze British meadows.
We wanted to create a chocolate bar with plenty of cocoa solids 33% would be good but 34% minimum cocoa solids would be better. To create the perfect creamy chocolate we need to be generous with milk solids too. 18% would be nice, 20% would be better, no for a really great milk chocolate bar we decided to uses 21% milk solids and you can really taste the difference.

The perfect size of a premium milk chocolate bar:
The team decided that a really great milk chocolate bar wouldn’t be too small but a big question people frequently ask search engines is how many calories are in a chocolate bar? So a great chocolate bar wouldn’t be a really big  chocolate bar either. It needed to be somewhere in between, not as big as a 100g chocolate bar, not as small as a 50g chocolate bar. An 80g milk chocolate bar was deemed the perfect size for a chocolate bar gift or for an indulgent chocolate bar treat. (443 calories just in case you are interested).

The environment and the way that we treat people:
Again there was no question that we must treat cocoa farmers fairly and protect the environment.  We chose to support the Cocoa Horizons program. The purpose of the Cocoa Horizons program is to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity and community development, which protect nature and children.
This is why you’ll see the Cocoa Horizons branding on the back of the chocolate bar packaging in the new Hames Chocolates Bronze range of chocolate bars.

Packaging and the environment:
By now the Lincolnshire based chocolate experts at Hames had agreed the fundamentals of what makes a great chocolate bar but what makes the perfect packaging for a really great milk chocolate bar? The packaging needs to be premium, after all it’s a great milk chocolate bar!
A great milk chocolate bar would also consider environmental impact. This chocolate bar needed to be presented in colourful packaging that is recyclable, re-useable or compostable.
It was decided that the Hames really great milk chocolate bar would be flow wrapped for freshness before being inserted into a brightly coloured card wallet foil printed in bronze foil with a design inspired by cocoa trees and cocoa flowers.  The clear flow wrap is home compostable and the colourful card wallet is recyclable.
Hames really great milk chocolate bar is ready……. You know it’s a really good milk chocolate bar when you buy it as a gift but you don’t want to give it away!                 

Hames Chocolates have launched a new range of chocolate bars that they call their Bronze collection. To buy their chocolate bars and see the new range https://hameschocolates.co.uk/say-it-with-a-gift/british-chocolate-bar-gifts/bronze-bar-collection

About Hames Chocolates
Hames Chocolates began as a family venture and supplies many well-known businesses and high street brands with chocolate and chocolates for all occasions - from Christmas to Easter, Mother’s Day to Valentine’s - as well as for events, gifting and general retail.

The company has customers across the leisure and retail sectors, including high footfall tourism attractions, leisure centres, holiday parks, as well as specialist chocolate shops, chocolate makers, garden centres and department stores. With its own design, printing and packing facility in house, Hames Chocolates are flexible to work with and can make completely bespoke personalised confectionery for both own label and promotional sectors, and food service suppliers too.