We're late: Celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day 31st January

Did you know that there is such as thing as National Hot Chocolate Day? Neither did we and we love hot chocolate!

National Hot Chocolate Day is 31st January. Now we know it’ll be in our diary for next year and although we are a few days late this year we’ll be sure to have a couple of extra hot chocolates this week to make up for missing this vital celebration day!

If you’d like to join in and really celebrate then we can recommend one of our hot chocolate spoon gift sets. There are eight different flavour of hot chocolate from including: milk chocolate, salted caramel and hazelnut to name just a few. Simply stir into hot milk and enjoy a real hot chocolate made by the chocolate experts at Hames Chocolates.


Hames Hot Chocolate Spoon Gift

We also wholesale our hot chocolate products. Retailers, hotels, restaurants, cafe's, coffee shops and bars can now serve Hames Hot Chocolates to their customers too.

New for 2021: Hames Hot Chocolate Bombes. Available in a choice of twelve different flavours which means you can have a different hot chocolate flavour every day for nearly two weeks!

Buy Hot Chocolate Bombes in Bulk by clicking the image of the hot chocolate bombe. Sold in packs of 12 individual bombes,
Catering size packs of hot chocolate bombes

Hot Chocolate Flakes make the best hot chocolate. Freshly shaved chocolate melts quickly in hot milk. Our chocolate shavings are sold in bulk packs of 2.5kilo. Click the image of the chocolate shavings to find out more.
Chocolate Shavings Make Fantastic Hot Chocolate

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