How to make hot chocolate

On a cold, wintery day nothing is as comforting and makes you feel like all is well in the world like a mug of hot chocolate.

What makes a great hot chocolate you ask? Here’s the Hames Chocolates how to guide.

You need four or at a push five things to make a great hot chocolate and we’ve listed them here:
  1. The perfect mug or cup
  2. Whole milk
  3. Real chocolate
  4. Whipped cream
  5. Optional mini mallows or a further sprinkle of chocolate flakes

The Perfect Mug or Cup
The perfect mug or cup for your hot chocolate needs to be the right size. Too small and you don’t get a big enough drink. Too big and the mug is too heavy.
The mug handle needs to be big enough to get your fingers through and the body of the mug needs to be just the right fit for you to be able to wrap your palms and fingers around the mug giving you that warm and cosy feeling.

Whole Milk
It’s imperative that you use full fat milk to get the best hot chocolate experience. It’s so tempting to use a low fat version but if you do you know you are going to regret it. It’ll be nice with low fat milk but it’ll be fantastic with full fat milk.
Now you need hot milk. You can microwave your milk but it’ll be much better boiled or steamed. You don’t get the perfect frothiness in the microwave.

Real Chocolate
Now, this is the most important part. You need some real chocolate and there’s lot of options to choose from.
Milk, Dark and White chocolate all make interesting and tasty hot chocolate drinks. But it’s not just about great chocolate flavour. What format do you like chocolate?

Chocolate Shavings:
This is real chocolate shaved into small flakes that are much easier to melt in hot milk than big chunks of chocolate. You can make these yourself at home by taking your favourite bar of chocolate and grating it. For a medium cup of hot chocolate you need at least 30g of real chocolate stirred in. We’d put a couple of heaped tablespoons in the hot milk, maybe even give it a little whisk to make it lovely and frothy.

Hot Chocolate Spoons:
Our chocolate stirring spoons are a hit. The chocolate is pre portioned so you don’t have to worry about measuring the spoonful’s.  Simply stir the wooden spoon into hot milk until the chocolate melts.

The chocolate spoons are currently available in eight different flavours and you can buy them in a catering pack or we do a hot chocolate spoon gift pack if you know someone who’d love the gift of hot chocolate.

There are three new flavours of hot chocolate spoons coming out soon so look out for these.

There’s a great environmental reason to buy Hames Chocolates Hot Chocolate Spoons, we use FSC certified wooden spoons and the clear bags are home compostable.

Hot Chocolate Bombes sometimes called Hot Chocolate Bombs:

Hot Chocolate Bombes are large hollow spheres of chocolate often packed with mini marshmallows, cocoa or shavings of chocolate. Simply place the chocolate bombe into an empty mug and slowly pour hot milk over the top. The chocolate bombe shell melts “exploding”…. well releasing the mallows! Give the chocolatey milk a stir and this is yet another way to enjoy a real hot chocolate.

Whipped Cream
A great hot chocolate does need finishing with a small swirl of whipped cream and a light sprinkling of chocolate flakes.

Mallows or not
If you really need to then add some marshmallows too.
That’s it. The perfect hot chocolate!

About Hames Hot Chocolates

Hames Chocolates began as a family venture and supplies many well-known businesses and high street brands with chocolate and chocolates for all occasions.

They first started making hot chocolate when they opened Hames Chocolate Café several years ago. Now you can buy wholesale hot chocolate or Hames can make private label hot chocolate for you

Hames Chocolates sell catering packs of hot chocolate shavings. Advertised as cake decorations but they make the perfect professional hot chocolates when stirred into hot milk. What’s more there’s some great flavours. Try our strawberry chocolate shavings for a strawberry flavour white hot chocolate that makes the milk go pink. There’s more traditional milk, dark and white chocolate, salted caramel and hazelnut flavour too.

Hames Chocolates also wholesale chocolate stirrer spoons, so if you own a café, bar, restaurant or hotel there’s every reason to serve your customers a real hot chocolate.

To make a real statement hot chocolate is available Private Label. This can be bulk in catering packs or smaller portion sizes: chocolate stirrer spoons, chocolate bombs, boxes or tins of hot chocolate.

If you enjoyed reading this check back soon for new hot chocolate flavours and How to make a vegan hot chocolate guide.