Our 2024 Chocolate Trends for Savvy Businesses

As we step into the delicious world of 2024, we are excited to share our insights into the upcoming chocolate trends that businesses should keep an eye on.

Based on our years of expertise in chocolate manufacturing, our crystal ball sees the following…

1. Indulgent Treats for the Discerning Consumer: Chocolate-Trends-Image-2024

With consumer confidence on the rise, the demand for indulgent treats, particularly premium chocolates, is expected to surge. In 2023, the UK treating and snacking market reached a value of £13.3bn, with confectionery commanding a substantial 40% share, equivalent to £5.5bn*. 

Hames can work with our customers to design, manufacture and deliver exceptional business branded chocolate products.

2. Blonde Chocolate Emerges as the New Trendsetter:

While white chocolate continues to hold its ground, the real growth in the chocolate market is expected to come from blonde chocolate. Combining the creaminess of white chocolate with a caramel hue and underlying caramelised notes, blonde chocolate is gaining traction. 

Watch this space to see Hames new range of blonde chocolate in 2024.

3. Sharing Packs and the 'Big Night In' Occasion:

Despite expectations of falling inflation, cost-conscious consumers are likely to prioritise home-based entertainment, creating opportunities for confectioners in the sharing pack segment. Research indicates that a significant portion of consumers (40%) plans to go out less often**, making the 'big night in' occasion a key focus for businesses in 2024.

Hames have expertise in designing a range of products here including sharing pouches of various sizes and luxury boxed chocolates.

4. Unleashing Unique Flavours:

Consumer palates are evolving, and the demand for adventurous flavours is on the rise. We are leading the way with our luxury Hot Chocolate range, featuring unique flavours like Mince Pie and Milk Chocolate with Irish Cream Flavouring. While novelty flavours gain popularity, traditional and comforting tastes such as Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Strawberry, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, and Dark Chocolate continue to hold sway.

Hames business branded, luxury Hot Chocolate Pouches are available to order in quantities from 1,000 units and hot chocolate spoons from only 180 units.

5. Sustainability Takes Centre Stage:

Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards brands that prioritise ethical and sustainable practices. Hames are hugely committed to this cause, collaborating with organisations like The Rainforest Alliance and Cocoa Horizons. From using sustainable ingredients to eco-friendly packaging, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and supporting cocoa farmers.

6. The Ascendance of Own Label Brands:

In the wake of the cost-of-living crisis, consumers are leaning towards cost-effective choices, including own label and private label products. This trend presents a substantial opportunity for manufacturers offering confectionery private labels.

Hames Chocolate Experts will work with you to develop an innovative and delicious own label range.

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** CGA New Industry Report, 2023