Statement on Milk Allergens in Chocolate


Milk Allergens

In manufacturing, milk chocolate and dark chocolate or plant-based cocoa compounds are often
produced in the same facilities or on the same production lines. Although measures are put in
place to minimise cross contamination from milk it is not possible to eliminate this risk

Cross contact may occur both on the manufacturing lines following product switches or due to air
borne particles from dairy powders.

The unintentional presence of milk proteins in dark chocolate or plant based cocoa compounds
at Hames Chocolates Ltd is likely to be in excess of 100ppm and at times may be significantly
higher, due to variations during normal manufacturing processes both on our site and at the
facilities of our raw material suppliers.

Once levels exceed 100ppm, it difficult to predict and subsequently test for, with any degree of
accuracy, the exact levels of milk protein in dark chocolate or plant based cocoa compounds.

We would therefore advise that:

• Our chocolate is not suitable for individuals with a milk allergy or suffering from lactose

• Precautionary labelling of milk allergens is required on all dark chocolate products and
plant based cocoa compounds.