Which egg is the best British vegan Easter egg of 2021?

Which egg is the best British vegan Easter egg of 2021?

We think there are two contenders for the best British vegan friendly Easter egg of 2021.

The mlk version
A real touch of luxury. Made with rice powder instead of milk this thickly moulded creamy chocolate has got to be a winner. Luxury Vegan Mlk Chocolate Easter Egg
Unwrap the gold foiled egg to reveal two thickly moulded egg halves containing chocolate and honeycomb crunch Easter bunnies. 
This vegan friendly mlk chocolate egg is presented in beautiful packaging that is designed to be recyclable, compostable or reusable. 

Vegan Friendly Luxury British Dark Chocolate Easter Egg 
The dark version

A generous dark chocolate egg wrapped in pink foil and finished with a white grosgrain ribbon tie.
Peel back the foil to reveal thickly moulded British dark chocolate at its best. Inside each egg are decadent raspberry crèmes made with a soft centre and raspberry fruit puree it's totally moorish. 

Both eggs support sustainable cacao farming and are made by Hames Chocolates at their chocolate factory on the east coast of England.