How to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa Seal on Your Chocolate Packaging

Rainforest Alliance Seal
How to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa Seal on Your Chocolate Packaging 

Hames Chocolates is proud to be certified to Rainforest Alliance standards. This means that we purchase sustainable chocolate at a premium price which contributes to protecting forests and biodiversity, promoting human rights and improving livelihoods throughout the cocoa supply chain. 

We encourage our Private Label Customers / Brand Owners to purchase Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate from us and display the Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal on their chocolate packaging . This lets consumers know that the cocoa in the chocolate they’re buying is from a sustainable source.

Are you permitted to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa Seal on Your Chocolate Packaging?

Every time the seal is used on packaging, it must be approved by Rainforest Alliance. 
To do this, there are a few steps Private Label Brand Owners need to follow first:
  1. If Brand Owners want to display the seal on their packaging but do not want to submit the artwork themselves to Rainforest Alliance or make any claims in off-pack communications (such as website, trade press or similar), Hames Chocolates can manage the artwork approval process for them by offering advice on the use of the seal, supporting the packaging design process and submitting the artwork for approval to Rainforest Alliance on behalf of the Brand Owner.
  1. To use the Rainforest Alliance seal or claims in off-pack communication or if you want to be responsible for submitting the labelling approval requests for on-pack claims yourself, you must have a valid license agreement.  The License Agreement must be signed and validated by the Rainforest Alliance before trademark use can be granted.  To obtain a License Agreement, go to and click on the link to create a free account.
Rainforest Alliance Marketplace
Once the account is created, select the “Legal Agreements” tab, click “New”, fill out the required fields, and then click “Send”. Within a few business days, Rainforest Alliance will send you a customised agreement to sign. Once signed, uploaded, and validated, you’ll be eligible for approvals to use the seals.

Rainforest Alliance provide reference documents which give guidance on the correct use of the trademark seal:
Brand Owners should be aware that whether they wish to be responsible for their own Rainforest Alliance artwork approvals or make use of the Rainforest Alliance artwork support offered by Hames Chocolates Ltd they need to allow extra time to complete the process, we would suggest at least a month in addition to the normal lead times for chocolate manufacturing.

For further information about use of the seal on your finished products please contact us at or download our checklist